Trade Show Exhibit Planning Tips


We go to a lot of shows each year and we see many types of exhibits and displays. Some of these exhibits are well planned, staffed and professional, but most are not. Many companies abide by the “more is more” when it comes to showing their products and services. The exhibit will be packed with demos, tables, furniture, graphics and any other item they can possibly fit in the booth space. This is a direct result of poor space planning. Prospective clients and existing customers want to be able to browse in some semblance of order.

Based on our experience below are some tips to help your company succeed:

  • Focus attention on your “best” products or services. We will make this the focal point of the exhibit. Your clients will see this first and know its importance subliminally.

  • Show your complimentary products that support your “best” product close to it. This can be accomplished with a physical sample or graphically.

  • Limit your text and technical jargon on graphics. Nobody is going to read them. The simple solution is to use bullet points to get your message across.

  • Always have an area to meet the client. This can be a simple reception counter or table. This way you create flow within the booth-space. It also is a great place to scan qualified lead candidates!

  • Put meeting areas to the most inconspicuous part of the booth space. Usually, this will be where you do not want clients to go.

  • If your exhibit has a closed conference room, be sure to include some frosted plexiglass or “see through” areas. This way the client does not feel claustrophobic. Remember, a comfortable client is easier to sell to!

  • When your exhibit has a lot of demos involved, position the demos so the client can easily navigate to each one. Keep a good flow!

  • Keep your furniture in order – always push in chairs, straighten up tables and make sure everything looks fresh. This shows that your company is professional.

  • Never ever, use tattered, torn or wrinkled table drapes. This looks terrible and gives a negative image of your company.

  • Keep all giveaways hidden and have your staff personally hand your client the gift. This conveys a positive relationship and gives you more facetime with the client. If you set them out for everyone – it does nothing, but waste your money. Why spend marketing dollars for nothing?

We hope your company can use some of these tips to improve your trade show experience. Next time you are at a show, just look around and you will see what we mean.

If you need customize exhibit planning tips we would be happy to give you a hand! Contact MYDISPLAYSOURCE today.