10 Trade Show Must Haves


When we are in the middle of setup we get requests from our neighboring exhibitors to “borrow” everything from tools, cleaners, rags, tapes, etc…

We usually can accomodate their requests, but good trade show planning includes being prepared.

Here are 10 trade show must haves on the trade show floor:

1. Tapes – At least a single roll of duct tape, double-face tape and Clear (Packing Tape)

2. Shrink Wrap – 1 Roll – Many people wonder, why would I need this. Shrink wrap is necessary to cover your items that are sent out to empty storage. Sometimes, show management will store the exhibit crates outside. If it rains – you are protected. Also makes it easy during dismantle to shrink wrap your pallet so everything stays together.

3. Pre-Printed Shipping Return Labels – Print your return labels on a large label (possibly with a color you will recognize or can see easily). This will help you identify your pallet from a distance. It also gives you a way to describe the pallet to show management if it is lost at the trade show or event. You can say “my pallet has a fluroscent orange return label on it”. Also take a picture of your return shipment. This way you have proof of how you packed it if it arrives damaged.

4. Black Sharpie Markers – You would be surprised on how these markers come in handy to touch up nicks and dings! Get various tip sizes and keep them with you at every show.

5. Velcro – At least one roll of hook and one roll of loop. Velcro can be purchased at companies such as U-Line for a lot less than regular stores.

6. USB Flashdrive – At least a 16GB Flashdrive.  Keep your presentations, literature and graphic files backed up. If you need to make something fast then you have it.

7. Small Toolkit – Include Phillips Head and Flat Head Screwdrivers, Tech Screwdrivers, Hammer, Pliers, Wire Strippers and if possible a cordless drill. This will make your life easy for repairs.

8. Extra Multi Outlet Strip – Always carry a spare or two multi outlet strip. Lowes and Home Depot have these for a cheap price.

9. Extra Lamps – Carry spare lamps for your light fixtures. Check your fixtures for the proper lamp specifications.

10. Internet Hot Spot – So many times our client’s have needed to download something at the last minute. A simple 4G hotspot does the trick nicely and with you having to leave your show floor to do it. This is a small investment that pays big dividends. In addition, you can get a “pay as you go” plan and use it only for your shows. So no big commitment required.

These are 10 things that will help make you a professional exhibitor then your exhibiting neighbors will be asking for your help! All of these items can be shipped in a standard box. Lowes and Home Depot have some great cardboard moving boxes that will fit everything well.

Happy Exhibiting!

If you need any further guidance on your next trade show exhibit please give us a call, we would be happy to chat!