Your Go-To Guide to Giveaways

With your next tradeshow drawing near, one thing you do not want to forget are giveaways. These are important to keep your brand at “top of mind” even after the show has ended. Not sure what to get? There are thousands of promotional items out there, so it can be extremely overwhelming deciding on what to order. Here are three different categories of products to help make your next show a success and to stand out from the rest!


Staple items are pretty standard when it comes to trade shows. These products are great for giving to employees working the show to give off a cohesive, clean, and professional look.


Matching shirts, jackets, and even socks are popular for keeping your brand in the eye of the client. These are simple products that help continue your branding from your booth to your employees.


Bags are essential for tradeshows. Attendees are given so many products, brochures, and business cards throughout the day that they will need something to help everything make it back to their office after the show. A tote bag is a simple way to keep your branding walking the show floor and visible to more people.


Staying up to date on trends helps show that your company is relevant and “clued in”. Choosing a trendy product as a giveaway is also a great way to capture clients’ attentions. These are some of the top trending categories for the year.

Environmentally Friendly

This is a trending topic amongst several industries, which include promotional products. Having a sustainable or eco-friendly option as a giveaway shows your customers that you care about the planet. Examples would be reusable straws, BPA free water bottles, or even plantable paper products, like business cards! Attendees from environmentally conscious event locations, such as California, will greatly appreciate the efforts as well.

Cellular Accessories

Everyone carries their cell phones everywhere, so this is a great way to create brand awareness. Every time someone reaches for their phone, they will see your branding. These items are seen as some of the favorites of clients because they are very practical, trendy, and easy to use. Examples of these would be Pop Sockets, smart wallets, or even portable cell phone fans.  

  High Tech

High tech accessories are a great way to show your clients how much you appreciate them. One of our favorites is a brushed metal power bank with engraving. They come in assorted high-end metallics like gunmetal, silver, gold, and even rose gold. These are great gifts!


Practical giveaways are crucial for a successful show. These can be items that you give out, as well as, having your booth staff utilize these products during the show!


Pens are an easy way to keep your branding visible. Everyone loves a good pen, and it is perfect for having one close by when at events. There are so many varieties of such basic item. Stylus pens have been a trending item that has become a favorite due to its versatility.


These are excellent for your employees to use or even for giving out presentations to prospective clients. Branding your USBs are an easy way to stay organized and allows for a higher perceived value to your clients. Currently, they even make USBs in fun shapes like airplanes, animals, and even business cards.


 Badges and IDs typically go hand-in-hand with exhibit shows. Using a branded lanyard has the ability to be a “walking billboard”. This is an effortless way to get your messaging out on the show floor. Having your employees wearing matching lanyards also allows for a more polished look of your booth staff and will help attendees separate them from the generic crowd within the booth.

Personal Items

Most of the time, trade shows and traveling go hand-in-hand. Give your clients some travel essentials to make their trip even better! These are items that are easy to carry and can be used throughout the duration of the show. Items like chapstick, hand sanitizer, and mints are great items that your client will enjoy.

Still not sure? Contact us to find some great custom items for your event fit for any budget!