How to Develop a Trade Show Design Budget


The first question that almost any exhibit company will ask before beginning a new exhibit design is “How do I develop a trade show design budget?” set by the client?

Most of the time the answer from the client is “I don’t know – we never really thought about it” or “we are not going to share that information with you” so that we do not feel like we are getting less for our money.

Most clients do not realize how important the budget is not only to their potential vendors, but also to their success at any trade show or event.

When an exhibit company is asked to present a design it would benefit all parties involved to know what the budget constraints are so that your company receives the maximum amount of property within the specified budget.

The analogy that is often made is that you can have (2) homes built side by side, but one house has basic builders appliances and laminate counter tops and the other house has upgraded features and granite counter tops, but essentially they look the same from the exterior. Same is true with exhibits.

A budget simply gives the exhibit designer a guideline to design the best property possible. Our experience has shown that client’s actually benefit by sharing the budget information up front. This usually means they receive more for their money as any reputable exhibit company will push the envelope to make your company’s exhibit the best it can be. Realize that exhibit companies are always showcasing their work to other potential clients at each show. Basically, this is an ongoing resume.

The best exhibit companies have multiple projects on the show floor. There is a reason for that – they satisfy their clients and know how to partner with them to ensure the best results possible. Keep this information in mind and work with your trade show or event partner next time you need exhibit design. You will find that being more open will yield better results and make you a hero at your next trade show!

Need help determining your next trade show design budget? Give us a call, we’d be happy to help find out what’s right for you.