How to Reduce Trade Show Costs

The continuing trend for almost every exhibitor is how to trim your show service budget. Depending on your exhibit size this can be easy or a very daunting task.

Let’s start with Material Handling (aka Drayage). This is usually my client’s largest show service expenditure. What we have found is that most clients send way too much to their shows in the way of unnecessary exhibit components, old literature, giveaways, and products.

To reduce your costs review your outbound inventory prior to shipping. If possible eliminate any unnecessary items to save money. In addition, pay specific attention to your “catch all” crate since it usually is the culprit. One of my clients saved over 1200 lbs. (120CWT) on material handling which equated into a savings of $840. That 1 eliminated crate also carried over to a savings of $700 in freight ($350 each way).  You could also translate this savings further by figuring in the I&D labor time to handle the crate at show site and your exhibit house labor to handle it as well.

How to Save on Transportation Costs

Transportation is becoming more expensive each year especially with the fluctuations in the economy. To move your exhibits efficiently from city to city requires an experienced trade show carrier. All carriers are not equal and here are a couple of tips to help you choose the correct method of transportation.

First, steer clear of common carriers with trade show exhibits. Sure they will give you great discounts, but their equipment is not designed to handle delicate exhibit crates and components.

Second, they handle your exhibit multiple times between your dock and the final destination putting additional wear and tear on your property. Most common carriers are not punctual enough or have the experience to go through the marshaling yard procedures. This can cost you big money if you miss your move-in target date and time. Usually off-target charges are 25% – 50% surcharges on your material handling.

The solution is to use an experienced van line that has trade show experience. Van lines offer the correct equipment, no additional handling from your dock to show site, they understand the marshaling yard procedures and they are more punctual. It may cost you more up front, but you are protecting your investment.

These are just a couple of simple tips to help exhibitor’s control their costs at trade shows and events from MYDISPLAYSOURCE™.

If you need any further guidance information on how to reduce trade show costs please give us a call, we would be happy to chat!