Hanging Signs are Key to Your Exhibit

Hanging Signs or Hanging Banners

Hanging signs are important display structures to give your prospect, client and competition a message that you are at the trade show to do business and an important player in your respective industry.

High identification gives you the means of standing out in a crowd with a greater presence. In addition, many hanging structures can free up valuable booth space. Some of the best exhibits concentrate on what is going on above the crowd.

Here we want to share some exhibitor tips to help you plan when purchasing your hanging sign or hanging banners.

  1. Most shows will require the rigging department to assemble, install and remove all hanging signs.

  2. Hanging Signs should be installed with a minimum height of 16′ from the floor to the bottom of the sign.

  3. Always check the maximum allowable height for hanging signs. This is usually 20′ to 25′ depending on the convention center.

  4. Be sure to request Structural Integrity and Flame Retardance Certificates (for fabric signs) from your hanging sign supplier when purchasing your sign. Most convention centers will require you to provide these for the show services.

  5. Always have a supervisor from your company present when your hanging sign is installed to ensure proper placement and to evaluate any other signs or structures that may block your sign on the trade show floor.

  6. Always ship your hanging sign to the advanced warehouse and include a copy of the rigging order, installation instructions, structural integrity statement and an overall floor plan for placement.

  7. If your sign has double sided graphic (both the exterior and interior), be sure to use contrasting colors so there is no image bleed through when the convention ceiling lights turned on.

  8. Consider renting inexpensive sign motors (rotators) with your show services for your hanging signs and attendees will see your message from every angle.

At MYDISPLAYSOURCE™, we specialize in hanging sign structures. You can buy one of our “off the shelf versions” shown on the website and we will help design and print your graphic or we can design a custom structure to meet your needs.

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