The Power of Backlit Trade Show Displays

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Marketing and Trade Show managers are constantly looking for ways to stretch their budget, but also still have an impact at trade shows and events. Going “small” with your exhibit does not require your company to lose it’s presence. There are many new exhibit and display products from MYDISPLAYSOURCE, that are efficient and cost effective to help you achieve your goal. Let’s talk about the power of a trade show backlit trade show display!

Backlit exhibits and graphics are becoming very popular. The advent of mainstream LED lighting technology has brought a new dimension to trade shows and events. All types of displays from simple pop-up displays, fabric back walls and static graphics can be backlit with ease.

The advantages to LED lighting  for trade show exhibits and display are:

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Runs significantly cooler than halogen lights

  • LED Lights are bright and come in colors

  • Dimmable and can have color changes (with a LED controller)

  • Lightweight

  • Ability to be built-in and durable

Most portable and modular exhibits that use LED lighting technology already come with the lights built in or easily attached. This means that your exhibit installation will still be simple and no additional technical skills or tools are required.

When your exhibit is setup, your company will automatically create more impact on the trade show floor. Your images, branding and messages will stand out over the competition. The back lighting draws the trade show attendee’s eye to your booth and in turn increases your company’s presence. Keep in mind, you are achieving these results in a cost effective manner too!

You can also incorporate LED screens with many of the LED trade show backlit displays as well. This combination of technology with static back lighting works well. The formula for success is to create movement on your LED screen with your company presentation while having the effectiveness of a static backlit background. Movement is a very important, but often overlooked physical feature an exhibit. Movement draws the eye, engages the person and can visually relay information very fast to a prospect.

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If you need additional ideas about how backlit trade show displays can enhance your exhibit please give us a call, we would be happy to chat!