Benefits of Trade Shows


At every trade show we hear a similar question from exhibitors saying “why are we here?”, “how do we sell?”, “the hours are so long” and our favorite “when is the trade show over – I have a plane to catch?”. No matter if you are the exhibiting company or a sales representative for your company there are inherent advantages for working the trade show or event. Here are the most prominent benefits of trade shows.

  • Trade Shows bring your client’s face to face with you and your company. No other media does this – not email or phone calls.

  • When you interact with your client’s you can see their physical reactions to your products and services.

  • Allows you more time face to face with your client. More selling opportunities and more importantly more relationship building time.

  • Trade Shows allow you to gauge your company’s products and services against the competition.

  • Make vital new contacts and build your sales pipeline. You cannot do this over the phone or email!

As a sales representative for your company use the trade show to build your pipeline. Do not simply pickup business cards, but make real contacts. Contacts you can call after the show and they will remember you and take your call. This will greatly increase your sales!

If you look at trade shows as a burden, then you will ultimately fail. Trade Shows are the single most important marketing tool your company can do for you! Some tips for the trade show floor:

  • Always look professional

  • Never sit down in your booth space unless in conference with a client

  • Always dress one level higher than the trade shows dress code

  • Keep business cards ready at all times

  • Keep notes in your smart phone, iPad or similar after each contact (don’t rely on the lead machine)

  • Follow up after the shows (within 5-10 days)

  • Always smile and project a positive attitude. Say “I’m glad to be here” when asked “how are you doing?”

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your trade show experience and increase your sales!

Happy Exhibiting!